Fishing for Doritos

Twice a year we take advantage of a real two day weekend by heading to the lake. It’s short, but always ends up being the perfect “time outside of time” moment for me, probably because some of it looks like this:


Sometimes it's good to feel small.

Sometimes it’s good to feel small.

MomFishing_3 MomFishing_2 MomFishing_1

That’s my mom, Cokes, in the lake by herself at sunset. She caught nothing (except maybe a parasite? Lake swimming is questionable sometimes), but stayed in there for probably an hour. I’d like to think it was less about the fish and more about the solitude and smallness that accompanies standing in a lake in the face of a beautiful sunset. Isn’t that what vacation’s all about, after all?

In other news, I finally got a DSLR! Watch out, world.


Spikes and Math

The man and his work, nearing the end of his first grueling year of teaching with five classes and three preps still smiling. That’s how you know you love what you do! Congratulations on your first year, Spikes. No one knows better than I (and that particular spot on the couch… and probably a few select Starbucks baristas) how hard you have worked not just this year, but to make it to this point. You are a true inspiration!

Sweet pink cup, by the way. 😉

Appropriately dressed to boot!

Appropriately dressed to boot!