There’s no “Eh” in “Canada”…

at least not in my limited experience. “Eh” must be to Canadians as “Missourah” is to Missourians- everyone thinks people from these respective areas say these things, but you would be hard pressed to come by anyone who actually does. Or they are localized expressions, maybe to rural areas or something. There are no “A”s in Toronto, either, but there arrrreeeeeeeee:

cool theaters:


funky chickens:

Toronto_Chickenpretty department store displays:


and a lot of cool museums, including the Bata Shoe Museum, which has two “A”s and which I will NOT be missing next time around. That isn’t it below. That is an enormous steel sculpture by Chinese artist Zhang Huan on top of the Living Shangri-La building. Awesome.

Toronto_MuseumAlso missed was the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum- the building itself is a sight to behold, but I didn’t get close enough to get a decent photo), the Textile Museum of Canada and the Hockey Hall of Fame. The five seconds of free time we had on this trip were spent chatting with some inebriated conference-goers at the Wolf and Firken, sipping authentic espresso in the Italian district (okay, sipping is not the right word… it was more like a single, scalding gulp that mostly made its way into my throat while we were feverishly trying to conquer the whole district before lunch) and  fretting over the fact that we maxed out our credit cards on the first shopping day of the trip (by no fault of our own, mind you…). But NEXT time a visit to one of these places is happening.

Speaking of the Hockey Hall of Fame (I totally did- it’s right there in the first sentence of that last paragraph), this happened:

Toronto_JackTheMoose… AND the sun was shining. So we had our share of difficulties but overall I would characterize my first trip to the home of the Maple Leafs (Leaves?) a success!


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